Blow dry tips for every hair

Blow dry tips for every hair

Blow dry tips for every hair

If you thought that blow dries were just for celebrities then you were wrong.

Here at AMB we have made that luxury blow dry service easily accessible in the comfort of your own home. Who doesn’t want fresh, bouncy hair that will last without having to lift a finger?

If you are new to blow dry’s we are here to give you the low down on the process from start to finish.

Blow dry styles

Blow dries come in all shapes and sizes and it all depends on your personal preference to what type of blow dry you prefer. Whether you are after a messy, undone blow dry or a glossy and smooth blow dry, here are the different styles that you can ask your Stylist for:

  • Classic Blow Dry – A classic, bouncy blow wave with volume at the top and sleek curls/waves at the ends.

  • Beachy Waves – Big, tousled waves throughout the hair with less volume at the top.

  • Sleek and Straight – Minimal volume with shine.

  • Smooth Waves – Voluminous but smooth and glossy Hollywood waves.

Remember that hair past your shoulder blades is classed as Long Hair so make sure that you are booking the right blow dry for your hair length.

How to prepare for your blow dry

So you have booked your blow dry appointment with AMB but you aren’t sure how to prepare ready for your Stylist arriving at your home. Follow these tips to ensure that you are fully prepared for your appointment.

- Blow dries always perform better on freshly washed hair so make sure that you have washed your hair before your appointment

- If possible, leave your hair damp/towel dried for when your Stylist arrives to make the process easier for both of you

After your blow dry

When we have a beauty treatment we all want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible and by taking these simple steps you can ensure that your blow dry will last.

- Take care of your hair by leaving it alone as much as possible and brushing through it gently. You don’t want to lose the bounce or shape in your blow dry so be as gentle as possible.

- When your roots start looking greasy but the rest of your hair is still looking fabulous, dry shampoo will be your life saver! Just spritz your roots and your blow out will look as good as new!

- Invest in satin pillowcases as this will stop ‘bed hair’ and prevent your hair from going flat. 

- Prevent sweat as much as possible. This may mean swapping your HIIT Class for something less sweaty such as yoga. If you cannot bare missing out on your exercise class, make sure that you loosely tie your hair up away from the sweaty base of your neck.

- Wear a shower cap in the shower to prevent any water hitting your hair and causing frizz.

- Avoid using hair products however if you feel like your hair needs some TLC you can apply serum or some oil to the ends only.

- If you are at the end of your blow dry however are desperate for it to last another day, grab your hair tongs and create some loose waves in your hair. This textured style will disguise your unwashed hair.

Now that you know the ins and outs of your blow dry appointment you can look forward to bringing the Blow Dry Bar straight to your living room. We are certain that a blow-out will be sure to leave you feeling like a brand-new woman.

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