Celebrity Hairstyles by Simone Delkoval

Celebrity Hairstyles by Simone Delkoval

Celebrity Hairstyles by Simone Delkoval

Here at AMB we caught up with one of our hairstylists Simone. Simone is a professional hairstylist in London with over 10 years experience. Here she talks us through the celebrity trends and how to achieve them at home. 

When I look back in time, the fashion in hairstyles has changed drastically. I started my career in my country in a little salon until I got an opportunity to work on a luxury cruise ship which gave me the chance to experience different hairstyles and many different nationalities on board. And of course, I took this opportunity traveling around the world and working. After a couple of years, I felt I needed a new challenge and moved to London, one of the most beautiful cites, where fashion and hair has a big place. In the past two years I have had a chance to be part of many events like BAFTA, National TV Awards, photoshoots and many different events.

The styles that are desired and most popular across all of these events are manly casual, beachy styles. Celebrities are looking for effortless hairstyles which are matching the casual trends in the past few years.

Here are some of the most popular hairstyles that the celebrities are choosing…

High messy ponytail

* Styling tips 

Section the hair using 3 clips - two parts at the front and one at the back of the head. Start styling with a big tong from the bottom and once all of the hair is done, then use a hair spray and mess it up with your fingers. Add a little bit of back combing on the top of the head and then just a simple ponytail to tie it altogether. 

Beach Waves

* Styling tips

Repeat the same steps like the ponytail preparation, but let the hair be free and messy down (hair ends can be left straight for more casual and natural effect)

Messy style up-do

*Styling tips 

Using a classic tong or hair straightener, using the same technique with sectioning the hair (when there is sections it works much easier and faster to curl the hair). After put the hair in a low bun with a bobble, mess the bun a little bit and add a few bobby pins around the bun to secure in place. At the front, a few romantic bits can be left for a more natural look. 

Braids and twists

*Styling tips

Again we have the messy hair which can be styled with a very big wide tong and then a simple braid. The braid can be braided on the side of your head and opened with your fingers for a more natural look. Leave a few hair pieces and baby hairs around the face and the ears for softer look.

These are the most wanted hairstyles from my VIP clients, red carpet and celebrities. The most common sentence that I hear lately is ‘I want to look like I have not been to the hairdressers’. Effortless, romantic and creative hair is the key.

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