Empowering Women to choose their own brands & products by Roxy Eatebarzadeh

Empowering Women to choose their own brands & products by Roxy Eatebarzadeh

Empowering Women to choose their own brands & products by Roxy Eatebarzadeh

Here at AMB we caught up with one of our Hair and Makeup Artists in London, Roxy. Roxy is an experienced coach and mentor who specialises in bridal, catwalk, photoshoots and special events. Working for NARS & MAC cosmetics, Roxy has performed masterclasses in her 13 years experience. Here Roxy gives us the low down from high street to luxury brands and how to choose the right fit for you.

Summer is approaching and we all want that fresh glowy bronzed skin, who wouldn’t! With so many products on the market, it can be tricky picking the right one. I’m here to give you the low down from high street to luxury, including brands from Benefit to Chanel.

I hear the same questions, there are too many products to choose from! How do I know what ones are right for me! and I get it... with so many products on the market, who has the time to try everything. Even as a professional makeup artist with 13 years experience in the beauty industry I can see the struggle to keep up. However it doesn’t have to be that way. Having the freedom of choice is necessary, not a luxury, so doing plenty of research will help you to choose wisely.

Where to start? What look do you want to achieve from your makeup bag? Every brand has been designed for efficiency, each catering to a specific need. This could be backstage, catwalks, women on-the-go, work at the office or busy mums. The type of products advertised and the way they have been designed can suit an array of needs. To know what you're looking for ask yourself:

  • How long do you want to spend doing your makeup ?
  • For what is it used for, for example going to take the dog out for a walk, to the office or instagram?  
  • Price range, how much are you realistically looking to spend?

It's good to be honest with yourself, because let's face it, not all great products are expensive and not all products will be right for you.

A new product has launched, What is all the hype about?

To help keep you on track...

If theres hype theres normally a reason for it but don’t be fooled, it doesn’t mean it's your perfect fit.

Pay attention to those one off statement pieces and best sellers every brand has product launches of 'new collections', and advertisement costs money, so truthfully no-one would be marketing them if they weren’t kinda a big thing however don’t be tempted by their shiny new packaging, not all new collections and new releases will be right for you and that's where it gets tricky.

How to tell what brand is for you?

Benefit has easy everyday quick makeup best selling collection is brows

Urban Decay night out, stronger makeup, instagram suitable colour palette

Bare Minerals natural, eco/vegan friendly, great for problematic skin 

MAC colour and variety backstage, drag, instagram with a reasonable price tag 

NARS ideal for photoshoots, backstage makeup, clean photoshoot finish 

Bobbi Brown perfect natural/wedding style makeup, variety of colour and skincare

Lancome kind to mature skin, natural finish luxury ingredients, quick to apply 

YSL sleek stylish and catwalk edgy finish perfect for day and night looks 

Laura Mercier everyday luxury wearable makeup, soft finish great for quick, bronzed summer slowly skin

Huda Beauty nighttime strong dramatic looks, long wear glam instagram and party wear 

Chanel luxury finish, healthy skin look, day to night perfect for an interview or wedding  

What do you want it to look like?

Choose a look that suits your personality. Are you an edgy trend setting person or are you into luxury, clean, simple and stylish looks. Of course there is no black and white with styling, you are never subject to using just one brand as products can be switched up all the time however it is easier to know the look you want to achieve first.

Questions I get asked regularly? 

As a makeup specialist I have worked with over 200 brands across skincare, makeup and hair. I mainly talk about makeup and not skincare because skincare is much more complex than makeup. With skincare products some are very scientific and if you don’t know what ingredients you're getting you could pick up something too harsh for your skin.  


When it comes to choosing we all like to try a little bit of everything, it makes it more fun so keep playing. Do your research and I hope this helps narrow it down. When you go to visit your favourite counter or website you know what brand, product, and style you need to suit your lifestyle and needs.

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Roxy Eatebarzadeh