Experimenting with creative makeup by Kate Reynolds

Experimenting with creative makeup by Kate Reynolds

Experimenting with creative makeup by Kate Reynolds

Here at AMB we caught up with one of our West Midlands based Makeup Artists Kate Reynolds. Kate is an international Makeup Artist who specialises in editorial, fashion, bridal and TV/media makeup as well as being a fully qualified theatrical and media makeup tutor.

Here she gives us 3 different ways to add some creativity into your every day makeup routine.

If you’re anything like me, I bet you have your go-to, ‘ride or die’ products that you use regularly. Most of us will have a set makeup routine that we tend to stick to; either out of habit, or it’s because it’s what we are familiar with. With that being said, sometimes it is nice to spice it up a little bit and get out of your comfort zone...

I think this year, ESPECIALLY after lockdown, we are all SO excited to get glammed up with the girls, guys, he’s, she’s and they’s! I think it’s the time to try something new, because if not now, when?!

BUT, where do we start? Here’s a few tips/tricks/ideas to spark some creativity in your day-to-day routine...


Add a pop of colour to your eye makeup. I know, this sounds really simple – but it can make all  of the difference! Following these simple steps is how you can take your eyeshadow from drab to fab! 

Now is the time to reach for that palette with those shades that you never use. You can take a bright (or subtle if you’re not ready to be too daring just yet) eyeshadow and add it to the inner corner of your eye. This is super easy, and doesn’t require any specific skills – making it perfect for beginners! You can use a small, flat shader brush or even your finger!

Inner corner bright eyeshadow

Alternatively, you could take a coloured eyeliner/eyeshadow and add this to your lower lash line. You can either add it to the waterline alone or smudge it out. I use a small, dense brush to disperse the product.

Under-eye bright eyeshadow


Now, this one is a little trickier. For all of the liner-lovers out there, have you ever experimented with graphic liner? It can sound intimidating, I know, but it can be a simple or as complex as you make it.

If you’re confident with a standard winged liner, try adding an extra line that traces your socket! This can really help open up your eyes and add that little bit of pizzazz!

Black graphic eyeliner

Alternatively, you can do a double liner – add a coloured line (if you’d like) on top of your regular black flick. You could use a coloured liquid liner (I like the ones from NYX) or even a fine paintbrush and some water activated face paint.

Coloured double eyeliner


Ombre lips were the craze back in 2016. Although we have moved forward from the times of carved out brows and crazy contouring, this is a trend we can definitely recycle. You never know, a more subtle ombre lip might just be the thing you need to change your look! Here are a few methods you can use to achieve a gorgeous ombre pout!

Bright red lipstick

1.  Take a bright red lipstick and apply to your lips but avoiding the centre (top and bottom). 
2.  Next, take a lighter shade I.e., pink, orange or a lighter red and add to the centre where there’s no product.
3. Blend the two shades together with your finger, or a small (clean) blending brush.

Remember: the higher the contrast between the colours, the more intense the ombre will look. You could even intensify the ombre by adding a darker colour to the very edges of your lip and blending out the same. Try this method using a gloss in the centre instead – creating that effortless picture-perfect pout.

Nude lipstick and smokey eye makeup look

1.  Take a medium-dark lip liner of your choice.
2.  Line your lips however you’d like (I prefer to overdraw mine) and make sure to fill in your outer corners. To get that seamless blend, you can also use a small dense pencil brush (or your ring finger) to blend out any harsh lines.
3.  Take a lighter lipstick (nude or colour) and add to the centre
4.  Blend the two shades together using the same method as before – you may need to go back and forth with these steps a few times to perfect your lip.

Tip: For more of a 90s vibe, try using a dark liner and a light nude lipstick – you don’t need to blend as much to achieve a true 90s lip.

So, I hope that you found this useful and that I've given you some new ideas to try for the next time you do your makeup! Don’t be afraid to adventure out of your comfort zone - learn to enjoy the art and creative process behind makeup!


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