Finding passion in beauty by Georgina King

Finding passion in beauty by Georgina King

Finding passion in beauty by Georgina King

Here at AMB we caught up with one of our beauty professionals, Georgina King. Georgina is an advanced medical and cosmetic tattoo specialist in Bishops Stortford with more than 10 years experience in her field. She strives on making people look and feel amazing by building confidence with her treatments. Here she gives us her an insight into her career so far and why you too should follow your passion…

Finding my passion, finding my purpose

I was never one who loved school, I was in the bottom group for every subject and the only classes I excelled at were Art and Food tech! I now look back and realise that it was never the case of me not being good at English, Maths or Science, I simply learn and prefer to do things more visually and with practical work.

Where it began

I went on to enrol at Hertford Regional Beauty College, where I started my journey within the Beauty & Aesthetics industry. From my very first job in a beauty salon doing acrylic/gel nails, waxing, facials I loved it so much that it never felt like a day’s work. I then progressed onto working with an Aesthetics doctor where I was patient coordinator, taking a step back from treatments and gaining experience and knowledge of Aesthetic treatments. As much as I loved this position, I began to miss the practical side of work, so I started researching cosmetic tattoo treatments and before I knew it I had taken the leap and invested into what was an intensive training course with Nouveau Contour (now known as KB PRO). Little did I know this would be the scariest, most intense week of my life so far - but most rewarding! This was the moment I found my passion and long-term career!

The Hard Work Began

In between building my confidence with the new tattoo skills I had learnt, the in-depth knowledge of the layers of the skin, pigments, needles and endless hours of drawing eyebrows to perfection, I was also working a full-time job as a PA within a office role. I worked a full 9-5 week and then I would spend my evenings and weekends treating my clients to start building my own business.

I had days where I wanted to just give up, I hated the work I was producing, constantly comparing myself to so many other experienced artists and I just didn’t feel good enough! But I didn’t give up, I stuck it out and kept going and perfecting my skills. I have continued to do further training masterclasses and found my own style of work. 

Taking a leap 

I was offered a great opportunity to work in Dubai for a number of months within a cosmetic clinic which allowed me to work with some of the most incredible artists, as well falling in love with the beautiful city. Though I still didn’t quite feel that I found my place with work, I decided that it was my time to go at it alone and take the leap to becoming my own boss! 

I returned to the UK, a little anxious if could I make this work? But the drive and determination that I had was that it my time to push myself to be something more! With the full support from my family and friends, I started creating my own brand, name and client base. 

I have since grown my business to multiple locations and now be able to provide my most rewarding treatment, Areola Restoration tattoo for recovering breast cancer patients and makeup artistry! It’s not always easy and I am my biggest critic but it’s the happiest and most content I have ever been in my career! 

Find your passion and you’ll find your purpose! 

Georgina 💫

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Georgina King