PLouise x AMB Partnership

PLouise x AMB Partnership

PLouise x AMB Partnership

One of our core values at AMB is to empower freelance beauty professionals and allow them to take their career into their own hands by providing them with a full lifecycle of support throughout their journey. 

To do this we have partnered with the leading PLouise Makeup Academy to provide direct employment pathways for students after completing one of their famous courses. Based in Manchester, PLouise Academy allows students to train with some of the best Makeup Artists from the UK on their creative range of courses. 

With 1.3m followers on social media, PLouise is taking the world by storm and together with AMB we are creating a community of beauty professionals who are guided from the very beginning of their education all the way through their career.

PLouise Academy provides courses for everybody including online tutorials for beginners to in-person 1-1 learning for aspiring Makeup Artists. With courses such as ‘learn your own face’, government funded VTCT’s and specific courses for under 18’s, PLouise is changing the game by giving everybody the opportunity to learn from the best.

Our values at AMB align with PLouise Academy’s as we are both pushing the boundaries and helping others to excel in their hustle and kick start their makeup career. Levelling up is in our second nature and we are always working to empower our professionals with the support that they need.

Our platform was made by beauty professionals, for beauty professionals and we understand the competitive nature of the industry which is why we are helping newly qualified professionals get their foot in the door in the industry.

As well as helping graduates to reach clients in their area and build up their client base, AMB provides direct opportunities to work at events, hotels, backstage and with VIP and Celebrity clients. AMB is revolutionising the beauty industry by flipping the script around and allowing customers to find suppliers at the click of a button.

AMB and PLouise Makeup Academy’s partnership is here to create employment pathways for the next generation of the beauty industry. With PLouise’s high standard of training, you know that when you book a trained Makeup Artist through AMB that you are getting the best possible service.

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