Pastels for spring by Kelsey Dredge

Pastels for spring by Kelsey Dredge

Pastels for spring by Kelsey Dredge

Here at AMB we caught up with one of our Bristol based makeup artists, Kelsey Dredge. Here Kelsey takes us through one of her favourite trends at the moment and shows us how to create a pastel look at home - perfect for post-lockdown get togethers and garden parties!

One trend I am absolutely here for and I don’t think I’ll get tired of anytime soon... pastels! I am obsessed and I know most people are too; pastel clothes, pastel hair, pastel nails and of course pastel makeup! So today I’m going to be talking about how you can incorporate a pastel shade in your next post lockdown look and what colour you can use to complement your eye colour.

So first we’re going to do a colour theory recap if your a lil’ rusty after lockdown! On a colour wheel, you will see there’s a nice range of colours that fall next to each other but also opposite. The opposite colours would be called the complementary colours in terms of makeup e.g. if you have green eyes then using pinks/purples/reds will complement your eyes most and make them appear more green! However if you want a softer look, you can use a harmonising colour which would be the colours next to each other e.g. greeny-yellow or something more blue! In terms of pastels you would just use a pastel tone of this shade, so a pastel pink or lilac to complement green eyes or a pastel green or blue to harmonise green eyes! Now if I’m honest there are no rules and I think if you like a colour and it makes you happy then wear it! For this look I went for a pastel yellow with warm nudes and browns to complement each other as well as my eyes, and just for the fact I’ve been dying to use a yellow in one of my looks!

Step by step...

1. Apply a base/primer/concealer to the lids of your eyes, right up to the brows and blend out to the temples. Use whatever your comfortable with, I’m using the Urban Decay anti ageing primer then the Mac 24h studio fix concealer in shade nc15 over the top of the primer.

2. For the nude/brown shadows, you want to choose 2-4 shades - one nearer to your skin shade, a medium warm shade and also a very dark brown or black, depending how dark you want it to look along your lash line. Try your chosen shades as well as the pastel shade on the back of your hand just to check they all match and you are happy with them. I’ve used the Beauty Bay 42 colour palette in nudes and Stacey Marie x Bperfect carnival XL pro palette.

3. Take your lightest nude and buff it into the crease of your eye using a fluffy buffing brush, I usually go higher than my natural crease to create a more open lifted look as I have quite a hooded lid. I then sweep it out slightly to create the start of the “winging out” shape.

4. Then you want to take a medium warm shade and buff that into the outer corner of your eye, almost creating a “ > “ shape on the corner of your eye but much softer. Still use a fluffy buffing brush but something much smaller for precision. For my look I didn’t bring this shade too far into my eye as I want the main focus to be the pastel shade, of-course if you want something darker and more dramatic go for it and apply more! I’ve mainly focused this shade through the outer corner crease of my eye and winging it out to create that super soft lifted look!

5. Now if you want to go more dramatic and darker I would now add in a darker brown over what you’ve just done with the medium brown, not quite completely overlapping it but using a smaller brush to buff into the outer corner and up through the crease. I haven’t done this today as again my main focus is the pastel shade and I want a super soft glowing look!

6. Now you want to pack on your pastel shade onto to plain part of your lid and blend into the browns you’ve already placed on. You may want to keep applying the brown and pastel to get that perfect blend, as the pastel will come up quite pale next to nudes/browns! If you apply too much pastel over them, don’t panic just go over with a nude/brown like I said, just take it slow!

7. Using a small definition brush or pencil brush use a dark brown or black and smudge in along your lash line, making it thicker on the outer corner and then winging it out. For your wing really do it how you feel comfortable and what you’d usually wear! I used a dark brown rather than a black as I think it brings the look together, rather than having something dramatic and strong.

8. Then you want finish off the eye shadow by dusting one of the medium warm shades along the bottom lash line and sweeping up to join in with the wing from what you’ve already created.

9. Using a bright white, place on the very inner corner of your eye and under your brow to add extra definition!

10. Then finish with mascara and your fave pair of lashes!

You can easily change up these shades to match any outfit and night out! You can continue the rest of the application of your makeup however you like, whether that’s a light or full coverage or matte or dewy finish! I chose to do a dewy finish with a full coverage, which I used the Estée Lauder foundation mixed with a drop of Fenty Beauty pro filt’r soft silk hydrating primer. I actually swear by this little tip, I find the foundation too matte but I love the coverage and staying power, so adding a drop or two of hydrating primer perfects it!

I’ve added warm bronzers and blush, again to complement my eyes and the eyeshadow that I’ve already applied! Also lots of highlighter along the cheekbones, up round the temple and on the nose to add to that dewy summery look, I used Fenty Beauty killa watt highlighter in mean money & hu$tla baby.

I finished with a strong fluffy brow and nude lip combo, which is Mac stripdown lipliner, honeylove lipstick and love nectar lipgloss.

I cannot wait to actually wear this look out and get all matchy-matchy with my outfits, I hope I’ve given you some inspo too!

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