Faux Freckle Trend by Charlotte Wadley

Faux Freckle Trend by Charlotte Wadley

Faux Freckle Trend by Charlotte Wadley

This week at AMB Beauty we caught up with one of our Pro Makeup Artists Charlotte Wadley. Charlotte has 8 years in the industry and owns her own salon in Burgess Hill, Sussex. Charlotte has had industry experience in editorial, fashion, music videos, film/TV and has worked with many such as celebrities like Lucie Rose Donlan, Jorja Smith, Amber Turner, Scarlett Moffat and Cici Coleman to name a few.

Who doesn’t love a cute summer go-to look that involves freckles?! Faux freckles are a trend that is here to stay and we’ve got the best techniques and methods you’re going to love. 


Using a brow or eye pencil is the most used technique in the industry - why? Because it creates the best illusion of natural freckles without the appearance of looking drawn on. Make sure that you use a variation of different colours to give dimension. If you think about real freckles, they are often different shades and not every freckle looks the same. Start with your lightest colour pencil to begin with and add the shadow of some light freckles, you can twist the pencil gently into the skin to create a soft shape. Next add your slightly darker colour pencil and begin to go over a few of the lighter shapes. You’ll notice that this will intensify some of the freckles and add dimension. Go gentle on your pressure with darker pencils as we still want these to look soft. If you want to soften the appearance gently press your finger over the top to soften and take away any severity.


You may be thinking how on earth can powder create freckles, but we are about to turn your skills into a pro. Make sure that you’ve got a setting spray to hand and you’ll need 2 shades of soft neutral eyes shadows and an unused toothbrush. Squirt the eye shadow pan with a few spritz of setting spray until runny and give your toothbrush a wriggle in the product. Turn the brush so the head of bristles are facing you and hold 30cm away from your face. Gently rub your thumb in a downward motion through the bristles to disperse the product. This will cause the product to flick off in the direction you are holding it. You can change your radius by getting closer for more definition and try adding a darker shade to add dimension.

TOP TIP! Think about the placement when creating your freckles. If you just want a soft display of them, think about where these would sit on the face if you naturally have them. Sun kissed skin usually hits the centre of the face and across the nose.


In a rush? This method is for you. All you need is root touch up spray and an old eye shadow palette. Give the can a good shake and hold 30cm away and use your palette to shade your eyes whilst spraying - this will stop the spray from squirting product over your eye shadow. Go gentle on your pressure on the aerosol button, just a few seconds will give you an instant full face of freckles and if you’re apprehensive then have a practice run on the back of your palette to get a feel of the pressure you need to apply. 

♥ WE LOVE! If you’re a spray freckle kinda girl, we love the L’Oreal Paris Magic retouch spray. Lots of variations of shades and super long wearing!

If you wanted to pair your faux freckles with a super gorgeous glowy finish then here's how to get that look:

The key ingredient to glowing skin is your skincare! We love to use strobe creams which contain iridescent properties and illuminating drops and occasionally we also like to use a primer which attributes to a glowy finish for skin types that may have texture. Apply your strobe cream all over the face to begin then take your illuminating drops and apply to all the high points of the face with a brush. There are 6 main high points in total - above the brows, cheek bones, between the brows, tip of the nose, cupids bow and chin. The 2 bonus areas are the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes however we would apply these with a powder highlight rather than a liquid to avoid disruption to the base. Avoid areas like the t-zone where this could appear as greasy or oily looking. Once you have prepped the skin all over you can then apply your foundation. If you want an even glowier finish, you can apply a powder highlight on top of these high points to extenuate that glow even more!

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