How to complete your profile as a supplier – Step by Step

How to complete your profile as a supplier – Step by Step

How to complete your profile as a supplier – Step by Step

Whether you are a current supplier with us or brand new to the AMB community, we have put together a guide to ensure that your profile is live and looking amazing on our platform.

Your AMB is dashboard is the home of your profile with us where you can update all of your details, add your services and images, view your bookings and monitor payments.

From the dashboard you are also able to view your profile as a customer along with requesting to be featured on the platform as a top supplier in your area.

You are also able to send a direct message to our customer service team by selecting ‘need help?’ in the bottom right corner of your dashboard.

Main Dashboard

Once logged into the dashboard you will receive a pop-up on the first page if there are any sections in your profile that haven’t been completed. You will also see all of your pending, upcoming and completed bookings here.


In the calendar section you are able to add your working hours and also add in any dates that you are unavailable e.g. holidays. 

When you receive bookings through AMB, you are able to keep track of these here and all of your bookings will automatically be blocked out. Our calendar is a great way to keep track of your schedule and keep everything in one place. 

FYI – your calendar is set to available 24/7 if you do not go in and change this. 

If you have one off days which you aren’t working such as holidays, click into that day on the calendar and you will see this pop up. Here you can add individual days/weeks which you are unavailable. Clicking save will block this out on your calendar. 

To select your weekly working hours, click on ‘select working days’ and you will receive this pop up. Your calendar is automatically set to open 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

If you have certain days each week that you are closed (e.g. you only work Monday-Friday) then you can select closed here and it will block the complete day out. If you only work certain hours on certain days you can input this here, you can add as many time blocks in a day as needed.

Your calendar may look like this once you have added your availability. Make sure to use the colour code to understand.


Here you will have any messages/enquiries that have come through from potential and booked clients. 


In your profile you have 3 sections to update. 

Profile Pictures

The first is your profile picture and banner image. Make sure that you choose presentable clear photos for this - you can use logos if you wish.

This is what your profile picture and banner image will look like on our platform.

Company Profile
Under ‘company profile’ you will need to add details about your business. 

To ensure that your profile is live and visible on our platform tick the check box for ‘profile visibility’ and update. 

In your company details section, you can update your company name and add the services that you provide. Click the arrows on the drop-down boxes for the services and select which type of services that you provide.

In the bottom section you can update your bio and also add any social media links/website links for us to view. 


Here you can upload images which show your best work. The first 4 images that you upload will the first on your profile. Ensure that you are choosing clear and presentable images for this – first impressions are everything!

FYI – if the images that you have uploaded do not show up here first time – refresh the page.

This is what your portfolio images look like on your profile.


The account tab consists of 4 sections and holds all of your important details.

Account and Pay
In this section you can add/edit your personal details such as your email address, telephone number and address. 

TIP – if you do not want your address showing on your profile, just input your city/town and a postcode. 

In your Payment Details section, you will need to add your billing address and date of birth as well the bank details you wish to be paid into. This will be sent to Stripe to ensure that your account is set up correctly ready for when you receive bookings. This will not be viewable on your profile to the public.

At the bottom of this page you will need to upload some form of ID. This is for our security checks so that we can successfully verify your profile and this will not be viewable to the public. 

Message Reminders

In this section you will need to register yourself for text message reminders and updates. This will send a text to your chosen phone number to ensure that you never miss a booking.

If you need to change your password you can do this in this section. Please ensure that your password is secure. 

Manage Account
If you do wish to remove your account from our system, you can do this here. You may need to contact us if you have any outstanding bookings in the system. 


In this section you can see your reviews from customers, the reviews we have given you and also add your own reviews from your website or social media. These reviews will be visible on your profile. 


I this section you can add FAQ’s relevant to you. This will give the customer an understanding of you and your services. 


This step is crucial in your profile as this sets the services that you provide live on your profile. Here you can view all of your inputted services, add new ones, edit services and also delete. 

To add a new service select ‘Create new package’

In here you can add the service name, description, where your service is based (mobile/salon based), the price and also the length of time. 

You will also need to select what category the service comes under. E.g. Eyebrow Wax will come under Eyebrows. 

Lastly, you do not need to add any terms and conditions for your service and it is optional to upload an image. An image will show customers what that specific service looks like from you. 

FYI – make sure that you select that the package is active and visible on your profile

This is what your services will look like on your profile. They come up in order of what you input first. To keep your profile organised, add your services in categories E.g Makeup then Hair then Nails.


In this section you will see notifications from us and your customers. 

Now that you have completed all of the steps in your dashboard, your profile should be looking perfect for your potential clients and ready for your bookings to come rolling in!

If you have any questions on the above, please email our Customer Service team at

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