How to prepare for a Makeup Appointment

How to prepare for a Makeup Appointment

How to prepare for a Makeup Appointment

Having your Makeup done by a professional can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had it done previously.

You have that all important special occasion coming up and it is vital that you look your best! You found your perfect Makeup Artist through AMB but now you are thinking, how do I prepare for this?

Makeup is art and your face is a canvas so let your Makeup Artist do what they do best!

Having your makeup done by a professional really takes away any stress from your getting ready process and allows you to try new things. Why not get the girls together and all have your Makeup done ready to take on the town!

1. Inspiration images are key!

Search Instagram and Pinterest for makeup looks that you love so that you have something to show your Makeup Artist when they arrive. Remember, not every makeup style suits every face shape and features however your Artist will be able to help and advise you with this!

2. Make a note of things that you don’t like.

As much as your Makeup Artist will want to know what you LOVE they will want to know what you HATE too. If you noticed something whilst you were searching for inspiration that made you think ‘hell no!’ then let your Artist know. This will make the process a lot easier for your Artist and for yourself.

3. Let them know of any allergies.

It is important that your Makeup Artist knows all the ins and outs of your skin before they start. If you know of any allergies or any products that don’t agree with your skin, let your Artist know before your appointment.

4. Be bare faced and makeup free for when your Makeup Artist arrives.

This will make the process easier for your Makeup Artist as they will not have to remove your current makeup and they can get straight into the skin prep. They will also be able to see your skin in all of its glory before they get started, so they can assess and have an understanding of your skin type.

5. Let them know beforehand if you are wanting something ‘out of the ordinary!’

Most Makeup Artists won’t carry around neon’s and glitter in their everyday makeup kit. Let them know if you are going to a Festival or Themed Party so that your Makeup Artist knows exactly what to bring (it is always helpful to send through your inspo images too!)

6. Have an open mind.

Makeup Artists are professionals and are trained in many aspects of makeup including face shapes, bone structures, eye colours and skin types, so they will really know what styles are suited to you. If you are brave, let them get creative and pick eyeshadows that will compliment your eye colour and a lip colour that will work well with your skin tone. However, ALWAYS be honest and let your Artist know if you aren’t happy, remember that it is their work at the end of the day too and they want you to be fully satisfied with your makeup.

7. Relax!

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