Inspiration for your Makeup Appointment

Inspiration for your Makeup Appointment

Inspiration for your Makeup Appointment

So you have booked your Makeup Appointment through AMB Beauty however you are totally overwhelmed with how many makeup images there are on Instagram and Pinterest when looking for inspiration. 

Here at AMB Beauty we have made the process simple for you and gathered a collection of our favourite makeup trends. Now all that is left to do is make that all-important decision of which you like best…

Glowy skin

Glowy skin is ALWAYS in! We love this look here at AMB Beauty as it screams a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion which goes with any makeup look. Long gone are the days of a matte base, let your shine come through in all of the right places! 

This look can be achieved with some amazing skin prep, essential oils, strobe creams and cream and liquid highlighters. For that extra glow powder highlighters can be used at the end of your makeup application.

Bronzed Goddess

We all want that sun-kissed holiday glow to stick around after our holidays however thanks to the UK weather this disappears at the click of a finger. Why not fake it all year round and go for a bronzy makeup look? 

Whether you are more of a shimmer or a matte girl, let your Makeup Artist choose warm tones for your eyes to make your eyes pop. Contour and highlight is also your best friend for this makeup trend, drawing attention to the parts of the face which the sun would sun kiss naturally. 

Statement Lip

A Statement Lip can be quite daunting, especially trying to perfect it yourself. So why not take this opportunity to let your Makeup Artist use their skills to give you that perfect bold lip.

Red is always a classic colour however if you are feeling more colourful why not opt for a fuchsia pink or a coral orange? You won’t regret making your lips the focal point of your makeup look!

Vampy Glam

If you are looking for a makeup look that is going to make you feel sexy and glamorous why not go for something dark and dramatic that will be sure to turn heads.

Think dark lips, smokey eyes, bold lashes and the blackest eyeliner. If this sounds too daring for you, you could always choose to make a focus of either your eyes or lips.

Cut-crease Eyes

This ultimate Insta-glam look will define your eye socket and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. The traditional cut-crease look doesn’t suit all eye shapes, so let’s leave this one to the professionals as they can adapt it to suit you.

You can use any colour for a cut-crease look whether you want something subtle or something to stand out!

Smokey Eye

The iconic makeup look that has been around for decades will add some extra glam to any outfit. There is a smokey eye shape and style for everybody, let your Makeup Artist experiment and give you those sultry smokes.

Smokey eyes don’t always have to be black, brown shades can also be used to create a softer smokey eye. Perfect for if you aren’t wanting anything too heavy.

Cat-eye Liner

The winged cat-eye look dates back to the 1920’s and we can see why it has always been a trend. As it can be hard to master yourself, your makeup appointment with us is the perfect time to try out the look.

Winged liner suits any makeup look whether you have gone for matte or glowy skin or a bold or glossy lip.

Fluffy Brows

Finally, let’s talk about brows. Brows frame the face and can transform your face in an instant. Fluffy brows are all the rage right now and we can’t see this trend disappearing any time soon... If you don’t have thick brows then no problem, you can still achieve full and fluffy brows with the right products. Fake it till’ you make it!

There are so many amazing makeup looks around and it can be hard to choose which one is your favourite. 

Save your favourite images from this post and show your Makeup Artist before your appointment. Together, you can combine different makeup looks to suit your face, and your occasion.

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