Keeping creative by Sian Curtin

Keeping creative by Sian Curtin

Keeping creative by Sian Curtin

Here at AMB we are joined by London based Makeup Artist, Sian Curtin. Here she shares her top tips on keeping the creativity flowing as an Artist facing the current climate.

Since I was younger, being creative is something that I have always enjoyed, hence why I chose to go into a creative role! However, I understand that due to the current climate we are facing, it can be difficult to keep that spark going and this is something I have struggled with too!

Here are some ideas I have found helpful:

Reading a book

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting lost in the words of a great book. I find with reading, if it is a fictional book, the author describes the characters and settings to you, allowing you to create your own version of them. Non-fictional books are also a great way to keep creative, some of the best Makeup Artists have written amazing biographies, such as Validated by Val Garland, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge and Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown.

Make a Pinterest board

There are so many inspirational images on Pinterest, whether it be makeup, art, fashion, home décor. Something I have personally enjoyed doing is searching images of different makeup styles and creating a mood board. Sometimes I match the makeup to how I might be feeling that day, if I am feeling positive then I will usually find myself attracted to images that are colourful and bold. 

Network with other creatives

The creative industry has really taken a hit within the last year, so it is more than likely that you are not alone in how you are feeling. Speaking to someone and knowing they are facing the same issue can sometimes be really comforting and be a release. Brainstorming future shoots with other creatives for when restrictions are eased can help get that excitement back!

Drawing & Making Face Charts

Get those ideas on paper! During the first lockdown, where close contact services were closed for many months, as much as I had my own face as a canvas, I just loved getting all my ideas down on paper. If you have arranged some test shoots for when restrictions ease, it may be useful to plan and create some beautiful looks! Drawing can also be therapeutic, whether its portraiture or still life objects, just start sketching and see where it takes you!

Update your website and/or your social media

Now is a perfect time to get chasing for those images you may not have received! Spend the time really thinking about how you want your website or social media to look. Maybe you want to have a complete refurb? Do it! A lot of creatives gain their work through social media, keeping it updated will allow you to showcase your work and potentially get that job opportunity!

Learn a new skill

Is there something you have always wanted to learn but never had the free time? Now’s the time to do it! Some skills you may find useful could be learning how to retouch, or how to create graphic liner etc. I personally have always struggled with hair styling, so I have ordered a mannequin head that I can practise on! There are also some amazing tutorials on Instagram and Youtube!

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