Lash Lovin' by Laura Stone

Lash Lovin' by Laura Stone

Lash Lovin' by Laura Stone

How to make the most out of your natural lashes and ditch the extensions for good!

By Laura Stone @ BTY LDN 

Here at AMB we caught up with one of our suppliers Laura Stone who told us about how she found that low-maintenance beauty treatments were becoming more in demand in 2020 due to the salon closures.

In the couple of months that I was allowed to practice in 2020 I noticed more of my clients wanted low maintenance treatments with longevity rather than a quick fix. When I trained over a decade ago as a Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, visual treatments were my focus and speciality. I liked to see instant results and make sure that my clients were 100% happy with the outcome of their treatments when they left my treatment room. 

Prior to the pandemic I had my own business providing weekly pop-up salons in different financial centres and law firms throughout the City of London. I offered classic beauty treatments to extremely busy professional women. (And men, but male grooming in the workplace hasn’t quite taken off yet!) 

Over the years I’d been on countless lash extension courses, always with the intention of mastering the technique and guaranteeing a good steady income but something never quite felt right.

I decided to focus on what the client already has and enhance not only the look but the health of the lashes too. 

There is no overnight quick-fix treatment but that’s okay because thick and long healthy natural lashes will never go out of style, and let’s face it we aren’t exactly going anywhere fancy anytime soon are we?

Lash Growth Serums – do they really work?

YES! I Have tried and tested three different lash serums and had great results with all.

You won’t see the results overnight but usually with 3-5 weeks with nightly application. Most over the counter lash serums all share a common ingredient: Biotin. Biotin is a B vitamin which helps strengthen and protect keratin which is the protein that makes up our hair. I found my lashes to be up to 50% longer, 25% thicker and slightly darker after 6 weeks of continuous use.

Most lash serums average around £50.00 and last around 4 months. A saving when you think about how much a full set of Russians cost every 3 weeks, right? My favourite over-the-counter lash serums are Revitalash and Rapidlash. Both can be brought online and in stores such as Boots and Superdrug.

Lash Lifting vs Perming - what’s the difference? 

Lash treatments have come a LONG way in the last half decade. Who remembers lash perming in the early noughties and the risk of your lashes looking like they had been crimped? Nineties kids stand up!

The difference between a lift and a perm is that the chemical solution is the same but a lash lift will straighten your lashes from the root upwards where a perm will use a cylindrical rod to create a curl effect. A lash lift will instantly make your lashes appear longer and really open up the eyes. With virtually zero at-home maintenance you can enjoy lifted lashes for up to 12 weeks with no damage. 

There are a few lash lifting systems on the market and at-home kits but professionally I use nothing but the Nouveau LVL lash system. A Nouveau LVL lash lift costs between £40-£60 depending on location and a patch test 48 hours prior to treatment is required to make sure you won’t have an adverse reaction to the treatment. To get the most out of your treatment don’t wear any eye makeup on the day and for at least 48 hours after treatment. This is because the product used is still active and your lashes are still lifting! I find I get the best result two days after my treatment. It’s well worth the wait. 

Traditional natural remedies – worth the bother? 

Since the first lockdown and having plenty of time on my hands, I realised I had a new-found appreciation for homemade natural hair and beauty remedies.

From making my own face masks made of yogurt and turmeric -yes, I looked like a Simpson for about a week afterward! – I finally tried and tested Castor oil on my lashes and brows over the course of two weeks to see if it really did make a difference. I wouldn’t say that castor oil did much in terms of growth; but I admit that my lashes and brows felt conditioned and healthy. It’s one of those little things to add to your beauty regime that make you feel like you have your life together. I believe anything worth having is worth waiting AND working for.

By looking after and investing in what you naturally have is by far better and a lot cheaper than covering it up with extensions and causing damage in the long run.

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