LVL Lash VS Lash Extensions

LVL Lash VS Lash Extensions

LVL Lash VS Lash Extensions

Long, luscious lashes is something that we all dream of and I’m sure that most of us under the sun have tried every growth serum, lengthening mascara, tinting kits and DIY home treatment there is.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could fake long, thick lashes? Well now you can!

Many people are torn between enhancing their natural lashes with an LVL lash lift or having instant volume with lash extensions. Here we compare the two treatments for you so you don’t have to do the research.

LVL Lashes

Do you love your lashes once they have been curled and have mascara on them? Do you want them to look this way naturally? Then an LVL Lash Lift will be your best friend!

An LVL lash lift is known as ‘perming’ of the lashes at the root to achieve long, curled lashes that can last up to 8 weeks. It achieves the effect of false lashes without any maintenance or damage to the lashes. LVL Lashes can be done on any lash type and is great for people with short, straight lashes that cannot get the curled effect themselves.

The processYour Technician will separate your top lashes from your bottom lashes and apply a silicone shield to your skin where your eyelashes will then be combed up to take their shape. A safe perming solution is then applied to your lashes and is left on for up to 12 minutes depending on your lash type. A setting solution is then applied to hold the lashes into shape and then a nourishing lotion is used to hydrate the lashes. You can also have your lashes tinted afterwards which is perfect for if you are jetting off on holiday. The whole process can take up to an hour so feel free to relax and have a nap!

After your treatment your lashes will naturally be long and luscious but remember to avoid getting them wet or getting them in any steam or moisture for 24 hours. This applies for makeup too so make sure that you wait before putting on any mascara or eye makeup. Mascara with an LVL lash will make your lashes look like never before and it will really make those eyes pop!

Lash Extensions

No matter what type of eyelashes you have whether they are short and straight or long and curly, lash extensions will make all of the difference. If you are tired of applying strip lashes yourself then why not try a set of lash extensions to create a set of lashes that you could only dream of.

Lash extensions are the perfect solution to any occasion whether it is a holiday, wedding or even day to day wear as your getting ready process will take half as long as your eyes are already glam!

The process – Individual lashes are applied to the root of your natural lashes one at a time to create the appearance of fuller, thicker and longer lashes. A silicone guard will be applied under each eye to separate your top and bottom lashes and your Lash Technician will bond each individual lash extension to your lashes one by one. Depending on the type and style of lashes that you are wanting, the process can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. As your natural lashes shed, so will the lash extensions so we recommend infills every 3 weeks to keep them looking fresh and full.

After your treatment you should avoid getting them wet and avoid any steam for 24 hours to allow the extensions to set. You should avoid any oil based makeup remover or makeup on your lashes as this can dissolve the bonding. You shouldn’t need any mascara with your lash extensions however if you are wanting a more dramatic look, make sure that your mascara is lash extension friendly.

Both of these treatments have amazing results and are both fuss free! If you are wanting a more natural look then LVL Lashes are perfect for you however if you are wanting something more glam then why not go for some lash extensions to really make a statement!

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