Updo Inspiration for your Hair Styling Appointment

Updo Inspiration for your Hair Styling Appointment

Updo Inspiration for your Hair Styling Appointment

So you have that all important special event coming up..

You have the dress, you have the accessories and you have your makeup look planned out. What’s missing? The part of the getting ready process that we all seem to forget about until last minute – hair!

For most ladies, hair down is always our go-to however why not try something different and style your hair up. Updo's are elegant, sophisticated and can really show off your makeup look as well as accentuating your face shape and features.

Whether you are off to a family party, a night on the town, a summer wedding or a hot date - Check out our list of Up-do Hairstyles that will work for any occasion.

Slicked back ponytail

The hairstyle known as the ‘instant facelift’ as this pony is so slicked back that botox is not needed! You can either have a high pony or a low pony with this hairstyle, whatever your preference.

Trendy top knot

Top knots have definitely been the trend of Updos and can look just as good in gym gear as it can in a red-carpet dress. Top knots pull back the hair and really show off your face which is perfect if your outfit is the centre of attention!

Half-up half-down

Low maintenance but can be styled in so many different ways. Hair can be curled, waved or straightened and buns or ponytails can be used for the half-up half-down effect, giving you the best of both worlds!

Pinned back glam

Pinning back the front of your hair is an easy yet effective way to achieve an updo without going the full way. Use grips, clips or pins to either plait, twist or pull back the front sections of your hair.

Textured pony

This has to be one of our favourite styles, a textured pony screams boho chic and can be adapted for any event. Low or high, you can style your pony with accessories to match your outfit. So perfect for summer!

Braided Updo

Braids can transform any look and if you are looking for something to make a statement, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. There are so many ways that you can wear braids in your updo, no matter how big or small.

Low bun

Perfect for our thick haired ladies as updos can be difficult with all of that hair! A low-slung bun can be simple however looks effortless and classic for your event.

Why not use these images as inspiration for your event and book a professional with us to take the stress out of getting ready. Our Hair Stylists are on hand to make sure that you are looking extra glam and your hair is on point for your event, so book now!

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