Do you have a special event coming up or a trip away which you want to look naturally bronzed for?

An at home Spray Tan screams ultimate convenience, so once you have booked your appointment take a look at our tips on how to prepare and what to expect when your Spray Tanner turns up at your door.

Why not book a Spray Tan to the comfort and privacy of your home with AMB.

You don’t have to worry about fitting a trip to the salon around your busy schedule. Yes that means no need to plan your journey to the salon, no rushing from work to your appointment and no taking an umbrella in case of the unpredictable English weather! 

How to prepare

Hair removal

If you are getting a Spray Tan then you want to make sure that you are silky smooth beforehand to ensure that your tan goes on seamlessly. Shaving or waxing the day before will give your skin the time to calm down and will give you a smooth base for your tan. We do recommend waxing before your Spray Tan as opposed to shaving as you will stay hair free for longer and won’t have to shave on top of your Spray Tan.


Exfoliating is key to a long-lasting Spray Tan and this should be done the day before your appointment to reveal a new layer of fresh skin. You should exfoliate your skin a few times a week to keep it looking younger as exfoliating gets rid of any dead skin cells.

Avoid moisturisers and deodorants

For 24 hours before your appointment, avoid using any products on your body including moisturisers, oils and even deodorants. If you have any products on your skin before your Spray Tan this can interfere with the outcome. Showering right before your appointment can help you to ensure that you have no product residue on your skin.

Prepare your nails

As your Spray Tanner will apply the tan all over your body, your fingernails and toenails may become stained if you don’t have anything on them. Applying a coat of nail varnish, even a clear one, will protect your nails from any tan stains.

What to expect

Set Up

Your Spray Tanner will bring all of the necessary equipment for your Spray Tan, just make sure that you have enough room for them to set up their Spray Tan tent and that they have access to power. For you to have the most relaxing service we recommend setting up in a quiet space which has good lighting.

Take off Makeup

Ensure that you are fresh faced and cleansed before your Spray Tan so that you have an even finish on your face.


When getting a Spray Tan it is advised to wear as minimal clothing as possible – yes get naked if you feel comfortable! This will avoid any tan lines on your skin however if you want to cover up we do recommend to either wear disposable underwear which your Spray Tanner will provide for you or an old underwear/bikini that you don’t mind getting stained. A hair net/turban will also be provided to protect your hair and sticky feet to put on the bottom of your feet to protect your soles – how attractive!

The process

Your Spray Tanner will put a barrier cream on your elbows, knees, ankles and any other areas that the tan may stick to. Once you are ready to go, your Spray Tanner will get you to stand in the booth and show you different poses which will allow the tan to cover your whole body. Be prepared as the Spray Tan will be cold!


Once your Spray Tan is complete, your Spray Tanner will get you to stand in the booth for a little while to ensure that the tan is completely dry. Once dry you are able to get dressed however make sure that you wear dark baggy clothes to avoid any marks on your tan. Your tan will develop over the next 8 hours however don’t be shocked by the colour! This is just a guide colour and will come off when you wash your tan off in the shower after your 8 hours or the next morning if you had your Spray Tan at night.

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