Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination

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What is brow lamination and why is it taking over my Instagram feed? say hello to the new brow treatment that will leave you with fuller looking, slicked up brows in just one session.

This Microblading alternative is the new non-invasive, innovative brow treatment that gives you supermodel worthy brows even if you have brow concerns such as gaps, thinning, irregular growth direction or the consequences of the dreaded over plucking stage that we all went through!

Brow lamination smooths the hair and lifts them to create a shape and fullness of your choice which stays perfectly in place, just as if you have brow gel on them. This low maintenance treatment will allow you to wake up every morning with perfect brows for up to 6 weeks, how amazing is that!

Brow lamination allows you to re-create and re-shape a brow without the use of cosmetic procedures and semi-permanent makeup.

With brow lamination you can raise the arch of a brow, hide any gaps and give the illusion of thick, fluffy brows – whatever you desire.

The process is similar to a perm for your hair or a lash lift for your lashes however formulated specifically for your brows. It involves a lifting cream being applied to the brows which breaks down the bonds of the hairs so that they can be manipulated into a desired shape. Once the hairs are in place a neutraliser is applied to the brows which bonds the hair into the new shape. Afterwards, a nourishing oil is applied to hydrate the brows and then your brows can also be tweezed, waxed and tinted if you are looking for extra grooming.

All of this is achieved in less than an hour and you will walk away with perfect feathered brows! 

As with most beauty treatments, avoid getting your brows wet for up to 24 hours after your treatment. Brow Lamination lasts up to 6 weeks however you can prolong this if you use a clear brow wax to keep them in shape. Get ready for the brow compliments!






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