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London, England

Mobile Shiatsu Massage

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26 Keston Road, London, England, N17 6PN
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What can I expect in a Shiatsu session?

On the first session I will make a case history. The client stays fully clothed. I will use a variety of techniques to improve your energy flow. Gentle holding, pressing with palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows, kness and feet on the meridians and rotations and streteches can all be used. Following a treatment, there can be a feeling of increased vitality and you may feel invigorated yet relaxed.

What should I wear?

Please bring or wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably cotton.
Do not eat heavily 2 hours prior to treatment.
Do not drink alcohol before or after treatment
After treatment drink plenty of water to smooth the flow of changes
Avoid if possible strenuous or stressful activites after your session


(2 Reviews)

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